We are the only producer of all basic types of HYPOLEN P homopolymers in the Republic of Serbia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Due to its characteristics, our HYPOLEN P is a more suitable material in many areas of application compared to polypropylene from other manufacturers. This advantage is provided by Mitsubishi’s suspension propylene polymerization technology, followed by successfully implemented production improvements using a highly active catalyst.

By promoting developmentally productive activities in order to improve technological capacity, we truly support creativity and innovation.

We have been operating since 1983, and since 2022 within the CE Industries Group.






35.000 t/Y


High purity propylene over 99%


Preserving the environment is one of Hipol’s top priorities. Management and all employees are aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Dedicated to preventive action on pollution, we achieve a balance between the technical infrastructure of the plant and the natural environment.

We raise the quality of the environment by systematically monitoring and controlling indicators, applying measures and activities in order to reduce negative impacts. Through the plans and realization of our business activities, we improve our business in order to pass on a positive example to future generations.

Social responsibility

Hipol recognizes, nurtures and directs socially responsible business through cooperation and contribution to social ethical issues and respect for diversity. Hipol’s goal is the care and trust of its employees, the business environment and the local community. Perseverance in this mission ensures the strengthening of Hippol’s role in the market, security in a quality product and the trust of business partners for over 30 years.

Board Management

The management of Hipol is a team of dedicated and responsible people who make daily decisions for the better business and progress of the company.